Fife Public Schools

Bond Information

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Our schools are growing!

We have 3,600 students in our district and we are growing by 3 percent every year. That’s up to three new classrooms a year.

We are at capacity.

We are currently housing students in 19 portable classrooms. That’s almost an entire school of portables.

Our buildings are aging.

We need to ensure our school buildings are well-maintained for the safety and security of our students and staff.

We are planning for the future.

Our district is working with parents, community members, staff and students to help shape the future of Fife Public Schools.


To ensure our students have room to learn in safe, well-maintained buildings, Fife Public Schools is considering a capital construction bond. Our bond proposal will be run along with our annual maintenance and operations levy in 2018.


A Capital Facilities Advisory Committee, comprised of parents, community members and staff, will look at the facility needs of our district, enrollment growth and the age of buildings.

The district will ask for our community to weigh in on options before we finalize a potential bond measure to address our highest priority needs.