About FIDA

Forming Intelligence, Defying Adversity, also known as

F.I.D.A., has assisted students from the kindergarten to

college ages. Starting in 2017, our goal has been to not

only improve and maintain exceptional scores and

understanding of the materials, but to also help

students work ahead on information and apply these

benefits to daily life. Tyler D. Williams is the owner of

FIDA. Tyler earned his Bachelor's of Science Degree in

Sociology with a minor in Medical Sociology, Spanish,

and Chemistry from the University of Alabama in

Birmingham. He is a graduate of Lee High School in

Huntsville, Alabama. He takes pride in implementing

programs to help individuals based on their skills and

knowledge to enhance their degree of understanding

and skillset for current and future endeavors.

FIDA incorporates all types of learning settings for the

student from in person, virtual or group sessions. The

sessions are setup based on the needs of the student.

FIDA is determined to help each student to increase

their knowledge, improve their grades and establish

study habits for future endeavors.