Program History


Parker Tillman (285) 2014

Justin Sinclair (135) 2000

Brad Anderson (152) 1999

Brad Anderson (145) 1998

Art Romence (189) 1997

Mike Castillo (126) 1995

Roger Faulkner (126) 1995

Craig Neidenthal (105) 1974

Larry Cardinel (126) 1969 *First state champion in Forest Hills history in any sport

FHC Wrestling Career Win List

  1. Brad Anderson - 182
  2. Matt Mills - 165
  3. Justin Sinclair - 159
  4. Parker Tillman - 158
  5. Sven Alm - 158
  6. Ken Curtis - 157
  7. Leigh Johnson - 155
  8. Jake Langbehn - 153
  9. Mitch Hrnyak - 148
  10. Matt Stepanovich - 145


*Records were made to be broken!

Best Overall Record Brad Anderson 54-0 (1999)

Best Regular Season Record Ken Curtis 42-0 (1989)

Best Dual Meet Record Ken Curtis 37-0 (1989)

Most Takedowns Isaac Haywood 208 (1996)

Most Escapes Art Scott 54 (1989)

Most Reversals Noah Schout 56 (1996)

Most Nearfalls Ken Curtis 94 (1989)

Most Falls Travis Eisen (‘05) Ken Curtis (‘89) - 35

Most Wins Brad Anderson 54 (1999)

Most Consecutive Wins Brad Anderson 75 (1999-2000)

Fastest Pin Matt Mills :05 (2016)


Parker Tillman (285) 2013

Mitch Hrnyak (125) 2012

Justin Sinclair (140) 2001

Matt Thomas (140) 1999

Mike Castillo (130) 1996

Art Romence (189) 1996

Jon Satala (145) 1989

Dave Fellinger (98) 1979

Dave Fellinger (98) 1978

Roger Faulkner (126) 1976


Coaches Blog Entry Nov. 28, 2011

After the fog of war cleared from the practice room today I walked back into turn the lights out. Looking down and across the green mats I got the chills. If only those walls could talk. They would tell some pretty good tales. Most recently they'd talk about great battles that are taking place between quality young wrestlers in the program. I am sure that the wrestlers of 2011 will sew their own crop of practice stories and battle scars, someday. I could hear Coach Rick Kacher's demanding calls to "do it again!" I could see Big Dan smiling and instructing from the center of the room. I envisioned the master, Dave Mills, emphasizing a point with his famous intensity and flare. I saw the "center circle" that the best wrestlers in the room naturally gravitate towards; I could hear and see the handfighting friends who worked after hours, beyond the lights of practice. I could see Justin Sinclair battling with Brad Russ - two of the meanest and best men to grace the mats of FHC. I could see Nick Kacher beating on me as a freshmen and the coaches just sitting silent in grim satisfaction. I could see Matt Thomas frustrating everyone with his low single-leg and Mike Castillo hitting his "shuck". Art Romence was always at the far end of the room, picking people up and putting them down on their heads...And then there was Tim Teft, who wrestled an entire season with a dislocated shoulder and still managed to place at stand AND he never complained once...There are the vicious McDaniel headlocks, Andy Coleman cutting every body up with his jokes, and Travis Eisen's quiet leadership. I could see Cole White spearing his partners with double-legs and the Delaney's laughing then butting heads against each other. I could see Sven Alm clubbing at his partner as if they had stolen something...I could see a Team Michigan practice taking place with the best of the best high school wrestlers churning and grappling on the solemn green mats. In a flash, as the lights turned off, I could smell the early morning hours that no one talks about - the morning runs, the a.m. lifting sessions, the 6 am drill times, the hooded sweatshirts and the pounds and pounds of sweat...My foggy memories don't even account for the years of wrestling that took place under the worn-out pull-up ladder. The state circles and quote banners are adorned on walls that saw some pretty tough guys that I never had the pleasure of meeting. Guys like Forest Hills' first state champion in any sport Larry Cardinel and the first four-time conference champion in any sport, Roger Faulkner. I am sure the walls would speak of Coach Chuck Matthews and his drill sergeant style of coaching...If only...

Those days are long gone and all that guys like me have are fond and foggy memories. Our guys in the room right now, this season, stand on the shoulders of local legends. But like I said, those days are gone and it's what we do now that really matters. History is just that, history. We can be proud of our past so long as we are working towards a better, brighter future. Now it's time for a few more stories to be spun and anecdotes to be earned. There are battles to be fought, victories and careers to be calibrated. A few more legends are due to be forged in our backwater mat room. See, in ten years I'm going to walk back through those same doors to flick off the lights. Whose story will I see then? If the walls could speak, what names would they whisper then?

Room Update: The guys are fighting hard and practice is going swimmingly. Our guys are tough and they know how to wrestle. We have quality over quantity. The pendulum has finally swung and we have more experience on the team (for once) than inexperience. Our guys do as instructed: they wrestle hard, they know the moves and they are hungry. We will battle it out for weight class nods next week Wednesday/Thursday...103 will be a battle between Love (J Rob grad) & Kimsey. 112 will feature Eastburg or Tomko. 119 is host to Morgan Burke (J Rob grad) and frosh Nick Hughes. 125 is Hnryak's spot. 130 and 135 will be a trade-off between Cassetta (J Rob grad) & Emery (28-Day J Rob grad). In the wings are junior Mike Baer (J Rob grad) and frosh tough guy James Gengelbach who will duke it out for 135 or 140 respectively. 145 is up for grabs and will be contested by Magnus Alm & N. Kuhlmann (J Rob grad). 152 looks like Tukelija (28 day J Rob) will get the vacancy. 160 is Jacob Torrey (28 day J Rob). 171 will be either Sreten Franovic (28 day J Rob) or Tommy Houseman. 189/215 will feature likely candidates Andrew Fotis & David Evens with Andrew Pupel looking to make his mark. Anchoring the team will be sophomore stud Parker Tilmann (won 32 varsity matches as a freshmen).


"He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves

and sharpens our skills, our antagonist... our helper."

-Edmund Burke

The 2007-2008 Ranger Wrestling season was marked by many obstacles. Our collection of young men endured injury, illness, discipline issues, inclement weather, and just about anything that was thrown our way. In the end, twenty-nine brave souls gutted out yet another season filled with character-building moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

No one will forget Jake Mills securing our first Team District Title in seven years with his patented figure-four finish to the chicken-wing. That moment gave us hope...But not just because of a trophy or because of an exciting team and individual victory...It was something more, it was VERITAS.

At our darkest moment we gathered as a team and rallied around this concept. We promised each other that whether win or lose we would attack life with Veritas. It's meaning is something that must be earned, it cannot be given away. The closest you can come to describing what it means is "righteousness, integrity, and honor." However, it goes much deeper than that. The Veritas our wrestlers lived and breathed for nearly three and a half months was forged in the combat fires of the FHC wrestling room.

Veritas was built in the summer hours spent inside the arena, executing repetition after repetition. It was made in the mists of the dawn, when others slept soundly in their abodes while we heaved and churned our legs up hill. It was honed running endless "in-the-holes". Veritas was harnessed when everyone around delighted in creature comforts that we had long since given up. It was manufactured in the back locker rooms where head gear was clenched and self-promises where made to rise and become better. Veritas is not easy nor is it cheap or is hard and tough and rare.

Our wrestlers earned their Veritas and they can where it as a badge of honor...

Starting this year and every year hereafter, we will award one member of this program with the Jake Mills "Veritas" Award. It is being named after this young man because of his fortitude on and off the mat, his determination to be an excellent scholar athlete, and his good-standing in the community. But most of all, Jake Mills exemplies what is best about our sport, he truly embodies "righteousness, integrity, and honor." He is VERITAS.

Our 2009 Veritas Award winner is a classic example of a "man among men". Cole White started wrestling as a sophomore in high school and quickly earned Most Valuable JV Wrestler of the Year. He went on to become a guiding force on our team for the next two years piecing together over 75 Varsity wins & almost fifty pins. Off of the mat Cole shined as well. He earned an Air Force ROTC scholarship to Western Michigan University where he will train in aeronautics. Cole was one of the hardest workers in the room and also one of the most humble. Two years in a row he helped secure a team district championship for the Rangers. In 2009 against the Caledonia Scots, Cole pinned the final opponent of the night in dramatic fashion capping a come-from-behind Ranger victory (35-27). He will be remembered as one of the most honorable of Rangers, not because of his swift double-leg or powerful half nelson, but because of the way he conducted himself and treated others.

2009-2010 Veritas Award Winner Sven Alm plans on wrestling at Central Michigan University next fall as well as serving in the Army Recruit Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Sven was the epitome of hard work and dedication. He was always the first into the practice room and the last to leave and traveled many miles attending camps, clinics, Xtreme practices, and work-outs around the state. Sven left an undeniable mark in the new era of Ranger Wrestling as he re-set the old tradition of hard-nosed, blue collar wrestling at FHC. He was 2x All State in Division I & II and also ranks third on the FHC All Time win list with 158 wins. He garnished many awards in his time at FHC but will always be remembered for his hard-working and humble attitude. He was respected by his peers and teachers alike and was a visible and positive emblem of FHC Wrestling in the community. That is why he is our 2010 VERITAS Award winner.

2010-2011 VERITAS Award Winner Stephen Emery was a Co-Captain on the team. In his junior year he filled-out the 130-pound weight class. Stephen finished the year with a 23-7 record, a runner-up place finish at the Wyoming Park Invite and in the OK Black Conference Championships. He is a mild-mannered and soft-spoken young man off of the mat, however, on the mat he is an absolute animal. He tortured opponents with his brutal assault of pinning combinations and turns. Stephen is an incredibly fierce competitor but what he did best this season was overcome adversity. All season he battled a serious knee injury and then suffered an elbow dislocation. Against the odds he returned to the mat in January (against the doctors orders), mostly to help the team. He is an ultimate team player and was a leader in action. He wins with class and loses with dignity. He is what a Ranger athlete should be, that is why is the 2011 Veritas Award Winner.

2011-2012 VERITAS Award Winner Stephen Emery was an exceptional Ranger wrestler and a role model for future athletes. Stephen is an honorable young man that is well-respected by athletes, coaches and community members. He finished with over 100 career wins and several tournament titles. Most importantly, Stephen performed best when he was competing for the team. He only lost once in twenty-five team duals, helping secure many team victories. Stephen won over the hearts & minds of everyone who watched his courageous efforts on the mat and in the practice room.


2008 Jake Mills

2009 Cole White

2010 Sven Alm

2011 Stephen Emery

2012 Stephen Emery

2016 Matt Mills & Ben Fox

2017 Nick White & Isaac Torrey

2018 Seth Udell


The FHC Wrestling Hall of Fame includes individuals who have significantly contributed to the sport of wrestling and to the Ranger Wrestling program. We honor individuals at the annual Rangerbrawl Duals each December. Names of the Hall of Fame members are put on display on our pride board in the FHC Wrestling room.

2018: Charlie Alm

2009: Art & Julie Romence

2008: Rick & Marilyn Kacher, Dan & Kathy Anderson

2007: Dave & Dede Mills


We honor Ranger wrestlers who serve our nation in the military. We are proud that many Ranger wrestlers have gone on to serve our country in the military or attend military academies. If you would like to be included on this page, please contact Coach Anderson with your name, branch of service, rank, years of service and high school class year.

Adam Heneveld US Navy (2018)

Seth Udell Army ROTC (2018)

Stephen Emery US Marine Corps (2012)

Nick Alm Army ROTC @ Central Michigan (2011)

Sven Alm Army ROTC @ Central Michigan (2010)

Grant Hultman USMC (2008)

Raphael Paclibar US Marine Corps (Summer 2010)

James Twist U.S. Army Cavalry Scout (July 2010)

Cole White U.S. Air Force ROTC @ Western Michigan Univ. (2009)

Renee Schaaf Navy (2009)

Patrick Eddy Navy (2008)

Brad Gibson Marion Military Academy (2008)

Mike White US Army (2007)

Alan Delaney US Air Force (2007)

Neil Delaney US Air Force (2007)

Rob Johnson Navy (2000)

Mike McDaniel US Marine Corps (1999)

Joe Nestor US Navy (1999)

COLLEGE WRESTLERS Forest Hills Central Wrestling has produced a number of collegiate wrestlers over the years. The list below is reflects the past twenty years. If you are an alumni who would like to have your name & college added to the list, contact Coach Anderson by email:

Matt Mills, Stanford (174)

Mitch Hrnyak, Central Michigan (133)

John Leark, Olivet College (157)

Sven Alm, Central Michigan University (165)

Max McKinnon, Rose-Hollman College (125)

Joe Westover, Grand Valley State Univ. (125)

Jake Mills, University of Michigan Club Team (149)

Neil Delaney, Air Force (197)

Travis Eisen, Grand Valley State University (157)

Justin Sinclair, Central Michigan University (141)

Adam Grealish, University of Chicago (157)

Andy Coleman, Grand Valley State University (125)

Matt Stepanovich, Grand Valley State University (165)

Brad Anderson, Central Michigan University (165)

Matt Thomas, University of Michigan (149)

Nick Kacher, University of Michigan (149)

Art Romence, U of M & CMU (197)

Mike Castillo, Michigan State University (141)

Jake Langbehn, Ferris State University

FHC J Rob 28 Graduates & Accomplishments

Isaac Torrey (2x 28 Day Graduate & 2x Black Hat Winner) 2x Conf. Champ, State Qualifier

Adam Heneveld (28 Day Graduate) Regional Qualifier, Started wrestling as a 9th grader

Trace Schirmers (28 Day Graduate)

Mitch Hrnyak (2x 28 Day Graduate) Started wrestling as 9th grader, 159 Wins, 2012 State Runner-up

Stephen Emery (28 Day Graduate) Started wrestling as 8th grader, 109 Wins, Conference Champ

Jacob Torrey (28 Day Graduate) Started wrestling as 9th grader, Conference Champ, Regional Qualifier

Senad Tukelija (2x 28 Day Graduate) Started wrestling as 9th grader, Conference Champ, Six Individual Tournament Titles

Sreten Franovic (28 Day Graduate) Started wrestling as 9th grader, Co-Captain, Currently 20-1

Andrew Fotis (28 Day Graduate) Started wrestling in 7th grade, Conference Champ, Current 28-2

Noah Kuhlmann (28 Day Graduate) Started wrestling in 9th grade, Regional Qualifier as a sophomore

Nick Alm (28 Day Graduate) 3x Conference Champion, Regional Qualifier

Magnus Alm (28 Day Graduate) Conference Champion, Regional Qualifier, Co Captain

10-Day & 14-Day Grads:

James Gengelbach, Guy Cassetta, Mike Baer, Andrew Pupel, Morgan Burke, David Evens, Zach Love

11-Day Iowa Grads (2008-Present):

Jake Mills, James Twist, Stephen Emery, Andrew Pupel, James Gengelbach, Sean Gibbons, Alex Girgis, Matt Mills, Ben Fox, Austin Tomko, Sven Alm, Nick Alm, Magnus Alm, Donald Alm

2018-2019 Award Winners


Veritas Award (Wrestling, Academics, & Community) - John Samsell

Cardinel Outstanding Wrestler - Caden Jacobs

Lady Ranger Outstanding Wrestlers - Rachel & Sarah Schenck

Mr. Hustle Award - Mason Childers & Bryce Hysong

Lady Ranger Hustle Award - Hannah Becker

Most Improved - Sawyer Bosch

TEAM Award - Vaughn Rodriguez, Caden Jacobs, Megan Stockenauer

Freshman of the Year - Evan Elzinga