What is Homeroom at NHMS????

Homeroom is a great time for students to prepare for the school day.

During this time, announcements for the day are shared over the PA system, forms are given out and collected, and we recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Once the year is underway, students spend about 20 minutes of Homeroom time reading independently.

We help our school earn money with the NHMS School Fundraiser - Key Card/Booklet Sales in September. Please consider purchasing a Key Card/Booklet to help support activities at NHMS!

We build sense of team/community through two of our philanthropy projects: Operation Santa Claus in December and the Can Food Drive in the late winter/spring.

We "Share our Stories" by presenting to the class information about ourselves.

8th Grade Parent Survey

Parents - Please fill out the Parent Survey and return it to your child's homeroom teacher (ME)

You may also fill it out electronically if you would prefer.

8th Grade Parent Survey
NHMS Parent Survey 8th Grade

8th Grade Parent Survey Paper Copy

8th Grade Parent Survey Electronic Format