English Language Arts

Welcome to 8th Grade English Language Arts

Welcome to 8th grade English Language Arts at Northern Hills Middle School. Over the last 25 years, I have had the honor and the pleasure to teach English Language Arts, Social Studies, Reading, Drama, Computers, and Creative Writing. I love my job and feel very fortunate to be surrounded by great students, families, and staff. The year ahead will be exciting and enjoyable; I am truly looking forward to it!

Materials and assignments will be available for students through the use of our Google Classroom page.


Students can access Google Classroom through their school Gmail accounts.


Michigan Academic Standards Essential Elements ELA 8

FHPS Middle School Handbook

NHMS ELA 8 Essential Standards 2019-20

8th Grade Essential Targets.2017-18

Key Areas of Study In ELA 8

Reading Narrative and Informational Texts

Articles and essays will supplement and enhance the literature with a real life connection. Students will practice annotation and close reading.

Grammar, Punctuation, Usage, and Sentence Structure

The eight parts of speech, usage, mechanics and sentence types will be reviewed and practiced in writing activities.


Students will exhibit the steps of the writing process while using the 6 +1 traits of writing. Writing will support the literature, grammar, vocabulary, and skill content covered in class. Argumentative and informational writing assignments as well as a variety of narrative writings will be assigned throughout the year.


Students will participate in Book LOVE this year! Through choice, discussion, and increased fluency, students will be introduced to various authors, text, and vocabulary. Class requirements will be given for monitoring Book LOVE participation.

Speaking and Listening

Students will have numerous opportunities to engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions. Students will analyze the purpose of information presented in diverse media & formats and will evaluate the motives behind the presentations. Students will present claims and findings using appropriate eye contact, adequate volume, clear pronunciation and adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks.

Project-Based Learning Experiences

Students will have the opportunity to create their own Blogs and write their own Blog Posts. They will also be creating a PODCAST individually or with a small group. Finally, they will be creating a Public Service Announcement through a chosen social media platform to encourage a more positive school, community, and world environment.

Student Expectations

Behavior in class is built on the foundation of mutual respect and can be summarized as: BE PREPARED, BE POLITE, AND BE PUNCTUAL.

Grades will be available for viewing as assignments are graded through Power School. The grades represent participation in the following areas: vocabulary activities, daily assignments, group activities, writing assignments, tests over specific content, quizzes, PACT reading and homework. Grades are based on an average of total points.

Assignments are due on the date specified. An absence will excuse the work with no penalty if it is turned in within the same number of days the student was absent. Unexcused late assignments are expected to be turned in, but will lose 10 points per day and will receive a maximum of 50 % if turned in after 5 days.

Electronic Usage

Many materials used in class may be accessed through our Google Classroom. Students will have access to a set of classroom Chromebooks, Ipads, and laptop computers. NO CELL PHONES are allowed!


Use Power School as a tool to stay connected to your child’s grades. If you need help, please contact the NHMS office

Talk to your child about grades before contacting me. This is a great opportunity to create open lines of communication with your middle school child.

Feel free to email me @ ckuhn@fhps.net

The year ahead holds promise, high expectations, and excitement for each of us. Together we will work to achieve success and to make the most of the last year of middle school.

ELA 8 Supply List:

Writer's Notebook - composition notebook


loose leaf paper

dark blue or black pen


thin tipped markers colored pencils


sticky notes

Grading Scale

A 93-100

A- 90-92

B+ 87-89

B 84-86

B- 80-83

C+ 77-79

C 74-76

C- 70-73

D+ 67-69

D 64-66

D 60-63

E 59-below


While students are evaluated in 4 major areas: Writing, Projects, Test/Quiz, and Daily work, the grades on Power School will be represented through the use of total points.

Late work will be marked down 10% each day it is late, up to 5 days—then the assignment can be completed and turned in for 50% of the original value.

Check Power School for updated student grades.

Classroom Guidelines

Students should be on time for class

It is essential that students come to class prepared with the following materials: paper, pencil/pen, textbook, assignment, agenda.

It is expected that students will listen respectfully to all speakers (classmates and adults). This will help assure that everyone will benefit from classroom instruction and /or class discussion.

Students must use their agenda to maintain accurate records of all upcoming assignments, tests, or projects.