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Health Aide- Siera Martinez
Contact information:
Phone: (503)359-2432 Ext. 3534

Forest Grove High School's health aide assists students with general health, such as: basic first aid, medications, allergies, and more. School health aides work closely with the school district's nurses and stay up-to-date on current communicable disease guidelines including Covid-19.

Exclusionary Symptoms (Regardless of COVID-19) - Please remain home until symptom have been cleared for 24hrs.

-Fever (100.4 F or higher)



Students with a KNOWN COVID-19 exposure and are showing 2 Primary Symptoms or 3 Secondary symptoms will need to stay home and/or will be sent home from school:

Primary Symptoms:

-Temperature 100.4 or higher
(Exclusion listed above)
-Shortness of breath/Difficulty breathing (not asthma related)
-New loss of taste or smell

Secondary Symptoms:


-Muscle or body ache


-Sore throat

-Nasal symptoms (congestion/runny nose)

-Nausea or vomiting (Exclusion listed above)

-Diarrhea (Exclusion listed above)

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the protocol if my student is exposed to a positive case?
Students - vaccinated or unvaccinated - will no longer need to quarantine after an exposure as long as they are symptom free.
If the student or guardian(s) feel it is safer to quarantine and choose to do so, their attendance will be excused for the quarantine period. Please notify the Attendance Secretary or Health Aide.

Does my student need a negative test to return to school?
We do not require proof of a negative test in order for students who have been exposed or have tested positive for COVID.

Will I be notified about an exposure at school?
Close contact tracing is currently paused per county guidelines. Please refer to the FGSD Covid-19 Dashboard to see the current number of positive cases in the building.
*Athletic teams will be notified if there is an exposure on the sports team*

Where can my student get tested?
The high school is offering rapid testing to staff and students who have symptoms or have had an exposure. Students are required to have parent permission before testing at school (form attached in links below).
FGHS also has iHealth tests to take home (ask front desk secretaries or health aide).

How long is the quarantine period?
Students that have tested positive for Covid will need to quarantine for 5 days. First day of onsite symptoms, or the day they tested positive without symptoms, is considered day 0. After the 5th day of quarantine, student's will be able to return to school and school based activities on day 6 if their symptoms are improving. If their symptoms are not improving after the 5-day period, their quarantine may be extended a day at a time for up to 10 days.
*Students returning will need to wear a mask for an additional amount of days until their 10th day after tested positive*

How will students keep up with their school work?
Students have access to their Classroom Canvas online for assignments. FGHS staff encourages students to reach out to their teachers or their counselor for needed assistance.

Will students be excused for quarantining or missing school due to symptoms?
PLEASE notify the Attendance Secretary the reasoning of excusal in order for the student's attendance to be marked accordingly.

Last modified 10/13/2022


FGSD Communicable Disease Policies:

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If you need additional resources, please contact our Health Aides directly