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Camp Cedarkirk, Lithia (Tampa area), FL

March 9, 2024

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Disaster Medical: Basic First Aid, CPR/AED, Stop The Bleed

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March 16, 2024

Returning Volunteers

LERT Chainsaw

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Lakeside Lutheran Church, Venice, FL

March 23, 2024

New Volunteers

LERT Class

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Class Registration

1. Click on the class Registration Here above for the class you wish to register for.

2. This will take you to LCMS-LERT.org and the class information.

3. You must log in to the LCMS-LERT site to register for the class. If you do not have a login, select the green SIGN UP BUTTON at the top and proceed through the six (6) Steps. Make sure to write down or remember your login and password, or save them on the password manager.

4. Once logged in you may select the blue SIGN-UP button and fill in the required information. Make sure to put in your T-shirt size!

NOTE: For LERT Chainsaw (only) there are two sessions offered. The first session is for the classroom portion only. Everyone signing up needs to sign up for this session. Those who wish only to be a Non-Operator will sign up for only the first session. If you wish to be authorized to use a chainsaw (Operator), you must also sign up for the second session. 

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the blue SUBMIT TRAINING & DEPLOYMENT INFORMATION button. You are now registered!!!

Class Information


The LERT Class is the required basic introduction to disaster response for new volunteers. LERT stands for Lutheran Early Response Team, and is the disaster response ministry of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synond (LCMS). Students are acquainted with why as Christians we are involved in disaster response, how LERT works, considerations for being a good LERT volunteer, ways in which you can be involved with LERT, and how to respond when a disaster event occurs. The LERT Class length is approximately 4-5 hours, and is led by a trained instructor who will engage you in discussion on how you can get involved. 


The LERT Chainsaw class is a required class for anyone who wishes to operate a chainsaw on a LERT disaster response. To be authoized to use a chainsaw, students must participate in both a classroom and a hands-on field experience. The class is focused on imparting safe and effective use of a chainsaw. Topics covered include: chainsaw safety, injuries and injury prevention, chainsaw personal protective equipment (PPE), safe chainsaw operation, safe tree limbing, bucking, and felling techniques, and saw maintenance. The LERT Chainsaw classroom portion is approximately 4 hours, the fieldwork portion is approximately 2-4 hours.

LERT Chainsaw Class Requirements:

For those who wish to learn about chainsaws but will not be operating one, a "Non-Operator" option is available. This is a good option for those who desire to be familiar with and to work safe around a chainsaw, such as a chainsaw team member. The class consists of just the classroom portion of the training, with no hands-on field work. Non-Operators are NOT authorized to use a chainsaw on LERT training or deployments without completing the fieldwork portion.


The First Aid class covers addressing basic emergency treatment of wounds and conditions.


CPR/AED training is a hands-on class that teaches how to properly perform CPR and use an automated external defibrulator (AED).


Stop The Bleed is hands-on training on how to help in bleeding emergencies. Students will be instructed in and practice using a tourniquet and bandages to effectively reduce bleeding until proper medical treatment is obtained. This is a critical class and knowledge for disaster response volunteers, especially chainsaw operators. 

Bobcat Skidsteer Operation

FGLER has two Bobcat mini-track loaders (sometimes referred to as a "skidsteer"), which are used to move tree and other debris from a worksite to the disposal location. They significantly reduce the labor required to clean up after a disaster! Training is required to operate a FGLER skidsteer. Students will learn how to inspect, perform basic pre-operation preventative maintenance, and safely operate a mini-track loader. Hands-on experience may be available, assisting in clearing tree debris from a LERT Chainsaw class. Head, hearing, and eye protection are required (available if you do not have), gloves are recommended.

Class Costs

We truly wish that we could offer all training at no cost to volunteers. However, FGLER incurs expenses to conduct the training , such as materials, fuel, instructor expenses, insurance, and food. We do not have the means to underwrite all of the training, and must ask for a suggested donation so we can continue to put on traiing. Thank you for your understanding.

Class Donation Amounts:

After you have registered for a class on LCMS-LERT, you can return here (FGLER.org) to prepay. Or donations will be accepted at the training class.

Save fees and pay online at

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If using the Vanco app, search for:  Florida Georgia Lutheran Early Response


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