What's Going On In FGLER

Hurricane Idalia Response

Hurricane Idalia struck North Florida and Southern Georgia August 30. While it was determined that a large, organized response would not be done, that did not mean there was no response. Between August 30 and October 14 FGLER volunteers helped by:

FGLER's Bobcats are ready to respond!

Thanks to LCMS Disaster Response, and donor churches and individuals, FGLER was able to repair our Bobcat MT85 AND purchase a brand new Bobcat MT100. These 2 machines greatly increase our capacity to assist with storm debris cleanup.

Contact us if you would like to be one of our Bobcat Operator!


Broken Bobcat - UPDATE

 While it Little Rock, our Bobcat MT85 broke down, with a major repair needed. *UPDATE* THANK YOU!!!!  We have received multiple donations and grants from LCMS Disaster Response, the FLGA and SELC Districts.  

Repairs are complete on the MT85. 

We picked up our new Bobcat MT100 skid steer!


FGLER Responds to Little Rock, AR, Tornadoes.

May 2023. At the request of LCMS Disaster Response and the LCMS Mid-South District, FGLER team members responded with the Bobcat MT85 for tree and debris cleanup.

The Impact

2 Hurricanes

1 Tornado

735 Volunteer Hours

$20,757 Volunteer Labor Value

1,651 Equipment Hours

$12,411 Equipment Hours Value

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