Board of Directors

Florida-Georgia Lutheran Early Response, Inc. is volunteer organization. Volunteers are at the heart of our operations. That means our Directors are all volunteers. Our "members" are volunteers. The FGLER leadership is always looking for qualified and hardworking individuals to serve as Directors and in other leadership positions. If you are interested in serving in a leadership position, or know someone who may be interested, please let us know. 

Nominations or inquiries can be sent to us at

Joel Mathews


Kevin Garbers


Tim Lehenbauer

Vice Chair

Jim Rice

Director of Volunteer Engagement

Rev. Mark Stillman


Kathy Blondell


Bill Langston


Jay Wendland


FGLA District DDRC

Steve Lehenbauer


SELC DDRC/Treasurer

Wm. "Rusty" Huseman


Legal Counsel

Director Qualifications

Our Bylaw list the qualifications to be a Director asL


The FGLER Board of Directors generally meets online monthly. The last meeting of the year is our Annual Meeting. Meetings are open to non-Board Directors, and we welcome the participation of others - this work is a much bigger task than we Directors can do on our own! Your expertise and assistance are much needed and welcomed! Contact us for meeting information.