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Join Our League

Basic Information

Each year, the coaches of The El Dorado League of North Texas convene to establish the season schedule and event hosts. In addition, the annual league membership fee is established. For the past 2 years, member-teams have paid $200/team for their annual league fee. This membership fee is due to Ferris Robotics operating as the El Dorado League of North Texas Operations Manager before the first league meet of the season.

These funds are used to cover expenses incurred by the host of the various league meets and the league tournament. Teams are provided lunch at all meets and the league tournament and hospitality is provided for all volunteers and coaches/mentors. Please note that no meals are provided at the league scrimmage/workshop.

The maximum any host can be reimbursed from the league operations account for a single event it calculated on the formula of [ ( T * 200 ) / 5 ] where T is the number of teams in the league. As such, each of the 3 league meet hosts are eligible to be reimbursed up to 20% of the total collected funds to cover their expenses. The league tournament costs approximately twice as much as a league meet to host.

Each month, the general ledger accounting ledger is posted to this website for review by the coaches anyone else interested on the League Finances page.