Upcoming Events

Get your official Ferocious Fighters CRPS Awareness Month T-Shirt!

This is the design that won our official contest by Kaitlin A, a 17 year old Ferocious Fighter from South Carolina! The design includes our ribbon with every Ferocious Fighter name on it on the back, but, with over 1000 kids, the names get really small. Check it out! All purchases go to support Ferocious Fighters ongoing programs.

November 1-30:

Awareness Campaign on Social Media

Make sure you are following the Ferocious Fighters Facebook page as well as our Twitter and Instagram for a month full of awareness posts for you to share with your friends and family. You never know when one of your posts will help someone else!

Facebook: facebook.com/FerociousFighters

Twitter: @FerociousFight

Instagram: @FerociousFighters

November 1-17:

2nd Annual Ferocious Fighters Fun Run!

This awesome event is virtual which means you can put in your miles (walking, biking, wheeling, or time in PT, etc.) anytime during the event. You can do it alone or with your friends and family. You can do it in pieces or all at once. You can do it quietly or get out there and get people to sponsor you! You have the option of a 1 mile, 5k, or 10k distance and you can get your whole community involved if you want to! If you'd like to make it an event, get in touch with Meg for assistance and awareness bands!

November 4th:

Color the World Orange Day and Ferocious Fighters' Fifth Birthday!

Wear your Orange and/or your Ferocious Fighters gear and post to us on social media! Show your Ferocious Fighters spirit and post about what Ferocious Fighters has meant to you.

November 16-25:

Name Our New Female Mascot Contest!

Submit your ideas for Phoenix's new friend's name from the 16th - 20th, then voting will be live from 21st-24th! The winning name will be announced on November 25th!

November 26-30:

Counting Our Blessings Social Media Challenge.

Join us on social media (facebook, twitter, and instagram) to share what you are grateful for. Three posts will be selected at random from these days for a special prize.

December 15 :

Care Package Creation Day!

Join us to make the next set of care packages! We will be making a set of care packages and getting a mailing ready for all of our Ferocious Fighters around the world, I really hope you will come out and help us!

It's Going To Be An Awesome Month!