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Our donors make a HUGE difference in the lives of our Ferocious Fighters!

We, literally, cannot do this work without your tax-deductible donations!

Ferocious Fighters has grown a LOT in the last 4 years. When we began, we had been told that CRPS was exceptionally rare in children and that we wouldn't find very many, our board planned to send out 10-20 care packages the first year . . . instead we sent 57. Since then, without any advertising, through sheer word of mouth and social media, Ferocious Fighters has grown nearly exponentially. During our second year, we sent out 98 care packages for a total of 155 - then during our third year, we sent out 165 care packages, bringing our total to 320! Then, in year four, we beat all of those years combined and sent out 364 care packages!! This brought our total to 684 care packages by the time we turned 4! All of this without any professional staff and with donations! We are excited to see what is in our future, but nervous too, as you can see in the graphs above, our nominations are not slowing down! So far, starting out our 5th year, we have already sent out 95 care packages and we currently (as of the morning of March 3rd, 2019) have a waiting list that includes 79 kiddos!

All donations go to fund our programs including sending care packages, quarterly encouragement mailings, welcome packages, and awareness activities. Ferocious Fighters currently has no paid staff members or buildings, so your donations go straight to programs benefiting the kids of Ferocious Fighters.

Want to see the impact these care packages make for kids struggling with CRPS? Check out these videos, but be careful, you might want a tissue!

In order to fully fund Ferocious Fighters ongoing care packages and support programs . . .


Ferocious Fighters is shooting to raise $50,000 this year in order to continue supporting all of our Ferocious Fighters. On average, an Official Ferocious Fighters Care Package costs approximately $100 to create and ship . . . and with the way we are growing, every penny helps us reach our goal of connecting every young person with CRPS.

1. Make a Recurring Donation (tax deductible) - you can choose to support Ferocious Fighters on a regular basis through a subscription donation each month.

Your recurring donation helps Ferocious Fighters be able to budget and plan for Creation Days and buy supplies, as your monthly donation lets us know when money will be available to use to fulfill our mission.

2. Make a One Time Donation (tax deductible) - You can make a one time donation of any amount. Every bit helps and moves us forward toward our next complete care package!

Want to make your donation in a different way? Email Meg at or mail your donation to:

Ferocious Fighters

9249 S. Broadway Suite 200-261

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All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Donors will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year. You may request one prior to the end of the year by emailing Meg at the above email address.