Title 1

Hello, and welcome to our Title 1 home page. It is my desire that this site is useful in providing you with information about Title 1 and how we operate our program in Fergus Falls.

Title 1 has been serving the needs of children since 1965. We currently operate with 2.5 certified teachers and 4 paraprofessionals. We serve children in grades K-4 in our three public elementary schools, McKinley, Adams, and Cleveland, along with two non-public schools, Morning Son Christian School and Our Lady of Victory.

We are proud of our role in the elementary schools, helping children with the skills they need to be successful in reading and math. If you would like to know more, please contact me at 218-998-0544 x9328 or email me at mevavold@fergusotters.org.

Thank you for visiting!

Mike Evavold, Title 1 Coordinator

What is Title 1?

Title 1 is the largest education program funded by the federal government. Money is given to the state, which then distributes it to local school districts based on census data. Title 1 is designed to provide supplemental help in reading and math. In Fergus Falls, services are offered at the public and non-public elementary schools at no additional cost to parents.

Which schools participate?

In Fergus Falls, all three public elementary schools participate; McKinley, Adams, and Cleveland along with two non-public elementary schools, Morning Son Christian School and Our Lady of Victory.

Title 1 Staff

Laurie Skogen

Cleveland Para

218-998-0544 x9408

Email Mrs. Skogen

Jen Jensen

Adams Para

218-998-0544 x9328

Email Mrs. Jensen

Diane Jensen

Cleveland Para

218-998-0544 x9408

Email Mrs. Jensen

Janette Fletchall

Adams Title 1 Teacher

218-998-0544 x9318

Email Mrs. Fletchall

Terri Aho

Cleveland and Non-public Title 1 Teacher

218-998-0544 x9511

Email Mrs. Aho

Elaine Snyder

McKinley Para

218-998-0544 x9508

Email Mrs. Snyder