Training Material Overviews

Basic and Advanced Google Apps Training can include, but are not limited to:

Google Mail

Basic Gmail functions, personalizing Gmail inbox, organizing mail using labels and folders, creating and importing contacts,

creating contact groups, mail labs and Gmail mobile app

Google Calendar

Creating and sharing calendar events, calendar views, managing multiple calendars, SMS and email event reminders,

calendar invitations, sharing/publishing/embedding calendars

Google Drive (Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings, Forms)

Uploading and storing files in Google Drive, creating documents, presentations, spreadsheets and forms in Google Docs,

collaboration tools, sharing and publishing Google Docs, advanced tools

Google Groups

Creating and managing groups, posting and user permissions, using groups with your organization

Chrome Apps and Extensions

Syncing and working remotely with free and easy-to-access tools

The Google "Extras"

Implementing the "extras" into the classroom like Google Moderator, Art Project, Cultural Institute, World Wonders Project,

StoryBuilder, Chrome Experiments, YouCanBook.Me, and more

Google Sites

Developing a school-wide Intranet and ePortfolio system for both students and staff in clear and concise


Other Trainings:

Digital Citizenship

Make school-wide changes to digital citizenship with student panels, parent talks and more.

Tech Theory

Make whole-school changes by integrating theories like TPACK and SAMR.

Student Professional Development/Programs

Let your students be the teachers with programs like the Google Ninja Program and learn how to implement this approach.

Maker Education

Integration various thinking strategies to turn passive consumers into active creators.

Girls in Code

Get girls involved in STEAM/STEM and see school-wide changes.

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