IFF Research Group

Research the Method - Network between Scientists - Empower the Community

The Feldenkrais Method changes lives for the better. But we have insufficient scientific evidence for how this happens and legitimacy is now often based on the evidence from high quality scientific research. So we have formed a Research Working group (under the auspices of the IFF) whose aim is address this lack of scientific evidence.

Who we are

The IFF Research Group is a group of Feldenkrais practitioners and trainers with research backgrounds, committed to supporting the value of scientific knowledge in supporting and disseminating the significance of the Feldenkrais Method for improving human lives.

Our Goals

    • Promote research into the Feldenkrais Method

    • Encourage the engagement of the Feldenkrais professional community with academic research

    • Coordinate a network of Feldenkrais practitioners who are interested in the scientific understanding of what they do

    • Encourage academic researchers to study how the method is efficacious

    • Gain recognition that the Feldenkrais Method offers models for exploration and research in academic disciplines concerned with the human experience of learning and development.

    • Support both outcomes-oriented research and basic research into mechanisms of action of the Feldenkrais Method.

Our Strategies

  • To create an active and globally operating networking forum to support research in the Feldenkrais Method with online and live events.

  • To facilitate meetings and exchange, research cooperation and fundraising

  • To support participation in scientific conferences

  • To enable publication on research with and at the Feldenkrais Method and further training for Feldenkrais teachers on scientific topics.

Upcomming Events

We have approximately one meeting per month streamlining our efforts plus conferences and others.

See the Projects-Page for more information.