Instructions to authors

Start the submission process by reviewing the Instructions for Authors (Author Guidelines)

Manuscripts should be organized as one file containing the main document. MS Word for Windows or compatible software should be used for the main document, with 12-point Times New Roman, 3.0-cm margins up and left, 2.0-cm margins down and right, and 1.5 spacing. Organize the main document in the following order: Title, Abstract (maximum of 150 words), Keywords (maximum of six), Title and Abstract in foreign language (Portuguese, Spanish, French or Italian) Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments (optional), References.



AUTHOR or AUTHORS. Year. Title. Scientific journals or Book. Locality of the article was published. Volume, Number, Pages.

TIKHNOVICH, I. A.; PROVOROV, N. A. 2011. Microbiology is the basis of sustainable agriculture: An opinion. Annals of Applied Biology, Malden, v.159, n.2, p.155-168.

NEWMANN, A. L.; SNAPP, R. R.1997. Beef cattle, New York: John Wiley, 7th ed. 883p.

BRUNO, I.P.; UNKOVICH, M.J.; BORTOLOTTO, R.P.; BACCHI, O.O.S.; DOURADO-NETO, D.; REICHARDT, K. 2011. Fertilizer nitrogen in fertigated coffee crop: Absorption changes in plant compartments over time. Field Crops Research, Amsterdam, vol. 124, p.369-377. Available at: <> Accessed on: Jun. 3, 2020.


Tables: Number tables sequentially using Arabic numerals; tables should be created with the "Tables" function of MS Word or in MS Excel (manuscripts showing tables pasted as figures will be returned to authors).

The title of the table should appear immediately above the body of the table.


Please make sure to submit your manuscript in the exact format that is described below. Failure to do so will cause the submission to be returned to you during the preliminary examination by the Editorial Office.