Anchor Time

Alpharetta High School

Twice a week AHS uses a modified schedule that will include Anchor Time. Anchor Time helps support all Alpharetta High School students as they strive to reach their academic goals. Some students spend Anchor Time with a small class and a knowledgeable teacher who works to cultivate the needed skills to be successful in school and life. Other students who need to make up classes have the opportunity to spend this time in our virtual learning lab where they may work on online classes to guarantee timely graduation. Other students spend Anchor Time in academic focus classes where they can quietly concentrate on homework or study for upcoming tests. Moreover, there are several other options for our students during this learning time; they may visit the testing or media center. Many eligible students (no skill deficits, in good academic standing, and with parent permission) may choose to participate in enrichment classes.

In the fall, Seniors in good academic and behavioral standing, with parental permission, may opt to leave at the beginning of the Anchor Time period or stay and either work with underclassman or focus on their own academic growth. To be released from Anchor Time, an “Anchor Time Release” form must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned. Please note that, due to teacher responsibilities during Anchor Time, students are not able to leave their assigned Anchor Time sections to visit other teachers.

More information—including information about enrichment sections and how to sign up—can be found here on the Anchor Time page or by contacting Mrs. Ketchup.