Community Collaboration Committee

Established 2022-2023

The Community Collaboration Committee (CCC) is comprised of passionate school and community leaders and is charged with making recommendations regarding Federal Programs, Comprehensive Planning, School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support, and the Comprehensive School Counseling Program relating to student and community academic, career, and social-emotional needs. The committee typically meets just three times a year, once in the fall, once in the winter and once in the spring, in the elementary building. If you are interested in joining our incredible team, please contact Mr. Zack, Building Principal, at

Upcoming Meeting: May 30, 2023

Our 2023 Committee Members

Eileen Lynch (Community) Courtney Durkin (Community)

Kristen Bilsky (Parent/Teacher) Chris Glinton (Community)

Christina Priebe (Parent/SB Member) Ariana Priebe (Student)

Liz Sullivan (Parent) Leo Sullivan (Student)

Lisa Zielinski (Parent) Kelly Shelp (Parent/Teacher)

Ann Jordan (CTC) Stephanie Haggerty (Parent)

Michelle Graziano (Parent/Community) Laurie & Chris Stahl (Parents)

Ann Diehl (Parent) Cate Graziano (Student)

Abby Graziano (Student) Josh Faatz (Parent)

Michael Zack (Administration) Jason Pantzar (Staff)

Larissa Valonis (Staff) Kelsey Bryer (Staff)

Sarah Redick (Teacher) Anthony Dell’Aquila (Community)

Bella Bilsky (Student)