Ms. Kidwell's Class


My name is Ms. Kidwell and I am very excited to be your students 4th grade teacher this year! This is my sixth year teaching 4th grade, and my 5th year teaching at NFES. I graduated from UNC-Wilmington and loved that it was near the beach! I have two fur babies, Toby who is a big dog in a little dogs body, and Rue who successfully annoys Toby on a daily basis. I love everything chocolate, coffee, Redskins, and elephants.

This site is for you to be able to keep up with what your student is doing here at school. You will be able to find helpful hints for math and reading, homework calendars, websites for you and your student to use at home, and many more. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

  • Classdojo- I will be using this site in the classroom for behavior management. I will also be using this site as a tool for communication with parents. You will receive an individualized code at the beginning of the year for you to sign up. With this you can monitor your students behavior throughout the day! I have provided a short video explaining how I use class dojo.
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Kidwell behavior sheet for agenda

This is a sheet that explains the daily grades that your students will get in their agendas. I ask that parents sign agendas daily as well to indicate that you have received the grades. I may also write in a little note in their agenda as well.


  • tissues
  • expo markers
  • hand sanitizer