English IV

Course Overview

Instructor: Mrs. Bethany McQuiston

Email: mcquistonb@fchs77.org

Phone: (618) 539-5533 Ext. 286

Website: https://sites.google.com/fchs77.org/mcquiston (located on Freeburg High School Website)

Texts: Elements of Literature: Sixth Course, Frankenstein

Course Description:

This course is specifically designed to help students increase their ability to communicate clearly, correctly and confidently. This class is designed to enhance the student’s ability to read with greater comprehension through a special focus on British literature and other readings that will develop analytical skills. Students will be expected to sharpen writing skills through various writing assignments. A cross-section of literary genres will be studied including novels, poems, short stories, plays, and essays.

Grading Scale:

A: 90-100 - 5

Superior - Independent learner; superior work; all work completed on time at an exceptional level of quality and effort

B: 80-89 - 4

Above Average - Semi-independent learner; above average work; all work completed on time with few flaws

C: 70-79 - 3

Average - Dependent learner; average work; most completed on time showing average effort

D: 60-69 = 2

Below Average - Work completed shows minimal effort; missing and late assignments; rarely made up missed work

F: 59 and below - 1

Failing - Work does not meet standards or expectations; many missing assignments/projects; rarely or did not participate in learning activities.

I: Incomplete - 0


Semester 1


  • Writing - Patterns of Paragraph Development
    • Narrative (min. 1 paragraph)
    • Descriptive (min. 1 paragraph)
    • Exemplification (min. 1 paragraph)
    • Process (min. 1 paragraph)


  • Public Speaking
    • Poise, Voice, Life, Eye Contact, Gestures, Speed
    • Toast Assignment (15-60 seconds)
  • Anglo-Saxon and Middle Ages Literature
    • Beowulf (textbook)
    • Epic Hero Essay (1-2 pages)
    • Flyting and Kennings
    • Riddles and Ballads
    • “The Canterbury Tales Prologue” (textbook)
    • “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” (textbook)
    • “The Pardoner’s Tale” (textbook)
    • “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” (textbook)


  • Public Speaking
    • Argumentative Communication
    • Annotated Bibliography
    • Debate #1
  • Renaissance Literature
    • Shakespearean Sonnets (textbook)
    • Carpe Diem Poetry
    • Literary Analysis (1-2 pages)
  • The Romantic Period
    • Frankenstein


  • The Romantic Period
    • Frankenstein (cont.)


  • Public Speaking
    • Debate #2
  • Semester 1 Final Exams

*Subject to change