Bradley House Theatre is named after the Rev. Dr. Nelson Bradley who believed that the Church should participate in the celebrations of the community (with dancing, cards, and drama)! Bradley House continues his 100-year old tradition; by bringing back the drama, theatre, and the celebration of life in God.

BHT will host dramas that reflect human struggles with life and seeks to bring the light of God in the midst of those dark struggles. We hope that the BHT will become a place for the community, its culture, and reflect its cry for a “just God”--and to be a place where we can truly hear that “God is still speaking...”

This Historic Theatre is available for rent!

Bradley House (capacity 125)

Has a Commercial Kitchen, SCDPH Licensed

Great for:

Concerts / Plays / Talent Shows

Bridal / Baby Showers

Birthday / Family Celebrations

Weddings / Small Wedding Receptions

Educational Seminars / Training

Political Fundraisers / Legal Depositions

Exercise Classes (Yoga / Chair & Floor)

Public Meetings / Movies / Worship Service

Private Musical Recitals