The River Jordan Window by Louis Comfort Tiffany Circa 1913-1914 - Restoration 1993 - Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) was renowned for his experimental designs in glass. Tiffany Studios, the business developed by Tiffany to enable him to produce his various designs, is best remembered for its windows and lamps. "The River Jordan" is an art masterpiece purchased by the children of Mrs. Edward W. Morley in 1912 and dedicated in her memory. A letter of intention was located in the Church archives in February, 1992 by Miss Beatrice Warner and Mrs. Florence Smith. The exact date of installation has not been ascertained. However, Mrs. Virginia Nash, a Morley family descendant, recalls the approximate time as 1913-1914 (when she was five or six years old). The window was originally placed on the north wall of the nave. It was moved to the north transept when the Timler series windows were installed in 1967.

The disastrous fire of June, 1973 threatened the safety of the Tiffany and Timler windows. Fortunately, they were protected by parts of the ceiling that fell to cover them. Much credit for saving the windows goes to the carefulness of the Saginaw Fire Department. The Tiffany Studios window, "The River Jordan," embodies Tiffany's artistic philosophy and is an irreplaceable example of the work of Tiffany Studios. It is quite unlike most other leaded glass windows. The scene depicted is created without the use of paint or enamel. Through careful selection of an incredible variety of glass pieces, the artist was able to create an extraordinary image. The colors and shadows integral to the glass are further enriched by the intensive use of plating, the layering of glass. The window is three feet wide and nineteen feet tall. It consists of three major panels, a circle panel and a right and left kite.

The flowing Jordan River is the focal point of the pastoral scene, made up of mountains, sunset, willow trees and two prominent oak trees. Lofty clouds dominate the upper window, kites, and circle kites. It is the brilliant orange oak leaves that Libby DeRosa, Tiffany historian, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, identifies as a typical Tiffany characteristic. In 1989, the lower panel of the window began to show damage. As the panel bulged and the glass separated and cracked, the need for restoration was imminent. A committee was established and fund-raising began. Miss Helene Gillette, of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, was secured as the consultant to direct and oversee the restoration. Upon her first examination in August, 1992, she observed that the window was set in a reverse position.

In April, 1993, the lower panel was removed by the Tiffany experts of Willet Hauser Art Glass Studios and taken to their facility in Winona, Wisconsin for the delicate process of cleaning and restoration. On June 24, the completed panel was returned. The upper panels, kites, and circle were removed and cleaned. Simultaneously, the stops on the window frame were removed and replaced to accommodate the reversed window. Because the perimeter of the inner plate had been trimmed to within one-half inch of the work itself, this was especially difficult. The restoration and preservation of our fine "Tiffany Treasure" was made possible through the generous contributions of members and friends of First Congregational Church. They provided the funds necessary to clean, restore, reverse, and protect it. We thank each and every one who has given to this worthy project and has made possible the viewing of "The River Jordan" as it is now—an art treasure for all to enjoy.

-The Tiffany Restoration Committee


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