- 100 Days -

- 5 Projects -

- 1 Amazing Team -

There's a lot happening in FCCPS in the next few months.

Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone!

Five of our 6 locations will be undergoing moves and construction-related changes this summer. That's about 80% of FCCPS employees facing some kind of change. That 'Growth Mindset' we learned last summer, will be coming in handy for a lot of us!

In an effort to distill things into manageable chunks, here are some dates and milestones to anticipate at each building in the next 100 Days - the last day of school and the new George Mason groundbreaking - and beyond! There will be updates on a regular basis.

#TeamFCCPS #OnTheMove

George Mason

Preparations for construction of the new George Mason High School

Mount Daniel

Second Grade moves from Thomas Jefferson to Mount Daniel Elementary

Thomas Jefferson

5th Grade moves out of the trailers and back inside the main building.


Mary Ellen Henderson goes into semi-hibernation during the Summer of 2019 as construction of its big brother begins.

Central Office

Falls Church City Public Schools and School Board Headquarters moves downtown