Hamburg (Germany) -  28th April 2023

HCI for Climate Change

Imagining Sustainable Futures

Workshop at CHI 2023

As the climate crisis is turning into one of the most critical issues of our time, HCI researchers keep reflecting on the role their work can play in reducing the impact of adverse environmental changes. Suggestions have been made to expand Sustainable HCI (SHCI)’s intervention area to policy design to have a larger impact, consider non-human actors’ perspective to incorporate the value of biodiversity, develop multidisciplinary competencies and work across disciplines to understand climate change, and finally make it understandable to citizens and pave the way for their action.

This workshop calls to discuss the different angles from which the problem of climate change has been addressed by the CHI community so far. We believe these different angles have several contact points, and the convergence of these different perspectives would help HCI researchers better imagine sustainable futures.

Call for papers


Workshop schedule

With this workshop, we would like to offer a gathering where HCI researchers, designers, and activists working on environmental topics can meet to discuss their research and possibly find points of contact between their different perspectives on the role technology can play in ensuring sustainable futures.

Submissions deadline: February 16, 2023

(new) February 23, 2023 (AoE). 

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