Meet Our Pastors

Rev. Seth Alexander

Lead Pastor -

Seth has been serving with FBC Bicknell since 2003. He was our associate pastor for 5 years and in 2008 was called to be the lead pastor. Seth is married to Lauren and they have four children. Tabbi, Heather, Ty, and Elijah.

Seth is committed to teaching the Bible so that the complex truth of scripture can be understood. He attended the Moody Bible Institute.

Pastor Jeff Weber

Student Ministry Pastor -

Jeff began his service with FBC Bicknell in 2019. He is a native of Lawrence County, Indiana. He has served on the staff of our church camp Indian Creek Baptist Camp as well as at FBC Mitchell and Rebuilt in Bloomfield, Indiana. Jeff is married to Taylor.

Meet our Church Staff

Carla Arthur

Administrative Assistant -

Carla has been on staff at FBC Bicknell since 1999. She handles many administrative functions of the church from weekly newsletters to financial management. Carla is mother of Eric and his wife Jessica.

Barbara Vance


Kendra Swettenam

Nursery Attendant

Our Key Leaders

Board of Deacons

Court and Carol Maze (Chair)

Bill and Karen Byrer

Thomas and Melissa Overton

Thomas and Kayla Estabrook

Board of Trustees

Carla Arthur (Chair)

Doug Sydow

Ben McVay

Matt Hackler

Luke Sydow

Daniel Sydow

Church Council

Seth Alexander - Pastor

Martha Thomson - Church Moderator

Courtney Maze - Deacon Chair

Carla Arthur - Trustee Chair

Melissa Overton - Mission Chair

Martha Thomson - Worship Chair

Tabatha Provines - Education Chair

Thomas Estabrook - Finance Chair