Mr. Sharpe's Math Intervention Class

Grades 6-8

Contact me

Welcome to my classroom page! To contact me, call Bryan Station Middle School at 1 (859) 381-3288, EXT 40521 between 9 am and 9:45 am, or email me at

NTI Packets

In case your child is having difficulty accessing the online assignment, feel free to download and print the packets I have prepared in place of the online assignment.

Google Classroom Information

I will be using Google Classroom to post assignments and communicate with students while we are not in school. Students need to go to, click on the +, and then enter the code below for their class.

  • 2nd Period: w6w27nn
  • 3rd Period: g5pwpcu
  • 4th Period: 3gfz3ss
  • 5th Period: afmdg3i
  • 6th Period: 4yp37yc
  • 7th Period: 7mefew6

About the class

Math Intervention is designed to help strengthen number sense, computation skills, geometry, data and measurement, and algebraic thinking. This program uses direct whole/small group instruction and using technology. Placement was determined by curriculum coaches and administrators, and previous teachers' input based on: academic grades, K-PREP and MAP tests.

All students are categorized as follows:

  • Tier 1 = student is on grade-level. No intervention needed.
  • Tier 2= student is 1-2 levels below grade level. Intervention is needed.
  • Tier 3= student is 3 or more levels below grade level. Intervention is needed.
    • This class is considered Tier 3.

Why you are in this class and how to get out:

Entrance Criteria (Why am I in this class?)

    • Students will be identified for tier III services prior to the beginning of the school year and evaluated at the first midterm (around Sept.14). These students will move in or out between one exploratory course and Intervention course until they meet exit criteria. (Moves will happen at natural breaks - midterm or nine weeks).
    • Criteria:
      • Historical data indicates history of low performance:
        • <25th percentile on MAP
        • <10th percentile on FAST Screening
        • Novice-Apprentice Low on KPREP
        • 2+ grade levels below according to CBA data
      • Attendance record indicates not absent more than 10% of the school year
      • No more than 1 office referral

Exit Criteria (How to leave this class!)

    • Meetings will take place prior to midterm and the end of each quarter to decide RTI movement.
      • Meetings will consist of the Classroom Teacher, Intervention Teacher, Counselors, Admin, SpEd (when necessary)
    • Progress Monitoring Data (CBA/CBM)
    • Exit criteria must be Individualized using the criteria below, explained to the student and included in the parent letter.
    • Exit criteria must consist of at least 3/5 of the following criteria:
      • CBA Data (iReady, enVision (Black Box), direct instruction etc.) indicates mastery of each targeted deficit; performance is maintained over at least 3 weeks (6-8 consistent data points).
      • ZERO failing grades in core classes (including marked progress in the corresponding Tier 1 class; ELA or Math).
      • Performance > the 25th percentile according to MAP
      • Performance > the 10th percentile according to FAST
      • Positive trend in FAST progress monitoring data indicates a gap that is closing



    • Go to and sign in with school credentials.
    • Click the "waffle" at the top right corner.
    • Click on Easybridge.
    • Click on Successmaker
    • You will automatically be logged in.


    • We will be using this resource daily for about 15 minutes per class.
    • The goals are to increase our speed and accuracy when solving basic math problems.
    • Go to
    • Click on "sign in" at the top of the page.
    • Click on "sign in with Google."
    • Follow the directions for the assignment once you are logged in.

Direct link to Google Apps (in case apps won't load)

Grade Calculation


  • In order to focus on clear, consistent, and meaningful student learning, all teachers at Bryan Station Middle School will adhere to the following criteria for grading:
  • All graded assignments will be entered into the gradebook in one of two weighted categories; Formative Assessment (60%) and Summative Assessment (40%).
  • Within the Formative Assessment category, there will be a minimum of 8 graded assignments per grading period.
  • Within the Summative Assessment category, there will be a minimum of 2 graded assessments per grading period.
  • Assignments recorded in the gradebook must be aligned to standards.
  • To minimize the negative effects of a zero: o teachers will provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery and record the highest grade in the gradebook. o when posting quarter grades, teachers will not post any final percentage lower than 50%.
  • All teachers will update their gradebook in Infinite Campus weekly.
  • Grading scale will be based on percent of points and is as follows:
    • A: 92-100
    • B: 83-91
    • C: 74-82
    • D: 65-73
    • F: 0-64
  • This class will use the rubric below to determine a daily grade:
    • Xtramath will be worth up to 40 points each day.
      • Green (90%-100% accuracy) = 40 points
      • Yellow (75%-89% accuracy) = 30 points
      • Red (below 75% accuracy) = 20 points
      • Grey (incomplete) = 10 points
      • Blank = 0 points
    • Successmaker will be worth up to 60 points each day.
      • Completed problems (up to 20 points possible)
        • 20 completed problems = 20 points
        • Anything between 1 and 19 completed problems = 10 points
        • No completed problems = 0 points
      • Correct problems (up to 20 points possible)
        • 13 problems correct = 20 points
        • Anything between 1 and 12 problems correct = 10 points
        • No correct problems = 0 points
      • Accuracy percent (up to 20 points possible)
        • 65% accuracy = 20 points
        • Anything between 1% and 64% = 10 points
        • 0% accuracy = 0 points
      • Add your Xtramath score and your Successmaker score together to get your daily grade!!!