Mr. Sharpe's Math Intervention Class

Grades 6-8

Contact me

Welcome to my classroom page! To contact me, call Bryan Station Middle School at 1 (859) 381-3288, EXT 40521 between 9 am and 9:45 am, or email me at

About the class

Math Intervention is designed to help strengthen number sense, computation skills, geometry, data and measurement, and algebraic thinking. This program uses direct whole/small group instruction and using technology. Placement was determined by curriculum coaches and administrators, and previous teachers' input based on: academic grades, K-PREP and MAP tests.

All students are categorized as follows:

  • Tier 1 = student is on grade-level. No intervention needed.
  • Tier 2= student is 1-2 levels below grade level. Intervention is needed.
  • Tier 3= student is 3 or more levels below grade level. Intervention is needed.
    • This class is considered Tier 3.


Daily Agenda

  • Logon to SuccesMaker
  • Complete session of BSMS Math (25 minutes)
  • Check your score to see if you have reached your goal (20 completed problems with accuracy of 65% or higher).
    • If you have, you may do another session of Speed Games or work on math homework from Tier 1 teacher.
    • If you have NOT, keep working on BSMS Math.

Grade Calculation

  • Students are given a week to finish the diagnostic test and will be given 100 points upon completion. If students rush or don't do their best, they will be reassigned the diagnostic test.
  • Daily grades will consist of the following:
    • 100 points if the students complete 20 or more problems with a 65% or higher accuracy.
    • 75 points if the students only meet one of the above goals (20 problems completed or 65% accuracy).
    • 50 points if the student fails to meet either goal but completes at least 10 problems.
    • 0 points if the students fails to complete 10 problems no matter the accuracy percent.
  • Students may also work on math homework in class from their Tier 1 and 2 teachers. Many students may have to progress monitor through FastBridge in class as well.
  • Grading scale will be based on percent of points and is as follows:
    • A: 92-100
    • B: 83-91
    • C: 74-82
    • D: 65-73
    • F: 0-64