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Hello Students and Parents!

Welcome to our class website!

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***** It is imperative that students visit their

class page for topic and assignment ****

Thank you for all that you do!

Go to your childs correct course page: AlgebraI, Algebra II or Algebra 3

(scroll down to the spreadsheet, there you will see day by day Topic and Assignments)

Please check the course page daily for information

scroll to the spreadsheet page for Topic and Assignment



Late Work-

EnVision Does NOT notify me when work is turned in late. Please let me know when you have completed late work.

WEEK 1 - Learning how to Learn from Home

Starting April 6

students will have daily on-line assignments. These will be scored daily.

Check the course page daily for Topic and Assignment.

Then goto EnVision- classess and Assignments for your online assignment for the day

Week 2- Week 6

In addition to EnVision assignments students will begin submitting written work as well

Classes will begin reconnecting via google hangout - see class spreadsheet for information and invitation to join

and Educreation Videos- videos I create to explain concepts being reviewed and/or taught

NTI Instruction will end May 15th

Week 7- Week 8

Beginning May 18th , students may work on missing NTI work; no new assignments will be given

If students have completed all NTI work by May 15, extra credit assignments will be available.


If assignment is online: Go to EnVision: Google Drive - waffle- Easy Bridge- Realize- Classes- Assignments. Just like when we take common assessments.

There will be a "Play List" There is Lesson- is a series of : Examples, Try It's, Topic Summary and Virtual Nerd instructional video

to help you reinforce the concept being presented. This is followed by IXL Practice Problems.

As always, have your Student Companion (workbook) or paper and a pencil. Do not try to do all the work in your head!

You may want to write solutions to "Try Its! " and "Do You Know How " in your companion prior to transferring answers online.

Once completed- submit your assignment!!

What do I need to be successful:

An electronic devise to access website and EnVision- an ipad, computer or chrome book works best

paper and pencil

Set 45- 60 minutes aside every day for Math. Remember, you are in class ... just from home :)

If you have your text book- find it- dust it off and use it! Open up your text book to appropriate section and follow along.

Please note: Once on correct course page **** you must scroll down to the spreadsheet to view Topic and Assignment" you can click on links to view prior notes and solutions. ***********