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2018-2019 Student Work Policy

Assignment Policy: All Students will complete their assignment on time or in accordance with his or her 504 Plan/IEP/PSP or the Fayette County absence policy.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Expect to have homework every night
  • Write assignments in agenda book daily
  • Complete assignments by the due date in their entirety
  • Communicate with your teacher if you have difficulty with an assignment/concept
  • Check Infinite Campus weekly for grade updates

Late Work Policy for 6th Grade: Students may make up assignments in weekly academic detention held on Thursday afternoons.

  • Assignments can be made up from the previous week, from the current unit only.
  • Students must serve a minimum of 30 minutes detention.
  • A student must serve detention if they want the late work graded.


navigator team letter 1819.pdf

Navigator Team Letter 2018-2019