What Is It?

Highlight the amazing things that are happening in your classroom!

Any time you use technology to enhance the learning in your room, be sure to share your experience by filling out a quick Google Form.
With a few sentences,
describe how your students utilized the tech tool to learn your content.
Your idea will be posted to the Highlight Hub to showcase and share with other FCPS teachers.

Digital Portfolios

Each time you submit your tech-infused lesson idea, this information is added to your digital portfolio as well as your school's portfolio.

FCPS teachers can browse portfolios from around the district.


Earn bragging rights by climbing to the top of the Highlight Hub leader board. Each time you submit an idea, you climb the teacher leaderboard AND help your school climb as well.

Get Inspired

Every idea is entered into the searchable database. Need inspiration for using a tech tool in your classroom? Search by tool, grade level, or school. Get inspired by what is happening in classrooms across Fayette County!

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Submit your tech-infused ideas using this quick Google Form.

Your info will be added to your portfolio AND display on the Highlight Hub.

What do I Submit?

Can I submit more than once for the same tech tool?

If you have used the tool in a different way.
Share that idea & explain how that worked with your students.

For example, maybe you used Flipgrid:

  • As a Lesson Hook: students discussed an interesting question to build on background knowledge

  • For Reading Fluency: Students create a reading journal with videos of them reading passages.

  • As Homework Help: Each student explains a problem from last night's homework on camera. Other students comment and like.

  • For Book Talks: Students discuss their outside reading with quick video descriptions.

  • To Showcase Work: Students use Flipgrid's screencasting ability to give each other tours of their Minecraft Builds

Submit all of those ideas to the Highlight Hub to build your digital portfolio and inspire other teachers.

Your portfolio is a great place for quick tech-infused ideas.
Have a more detailed a lesson plan? Be sure to upload it to
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