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We are dedicated to your child and helping them navigate school life in a positive way. Please take a moment to check out everything we are doing at HCHS to encourage positive choices and reward desired behavior. Thank you for letting us teach your student each day!


These videos demonstrate examples of our behavior expectations.

HCHS Blue Devils Expectations

Homeroom Helper & Lunch Schedule

Expectations Powerpoint

Homeroom Playlist Link

1st Hour: Expectations Slides 1-6 YouTube link

2nd Hour: Expectations Slides 7-11 YouTube link

3rd Hour: Expectations Slides 12-15 YouTube link

4th Hour: Expectations Slides 16-19 YouTube link

5th Hour: Expectations Slides 20-End YouTube Link

6th Hour: Kahoot Game Link

Mindfulness Calendar

  • Leveled Behavior System Activity

What is PBIS? Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is a proactive approach to discipline.

1) Introduction (video) 2) Teaming (video) 3) Predicting Student Failure (Video) 4) Prevention (video) 5) Reaction (video) 6) Evaluation (video) Additional Videos Link

Common Area Expectations