Henry Clay AP Exam Registration Information

 Henry Clay AP Exam Registration - September 27 - October 31

STEP 1: Select and Pay for your AP exams via Total Registration

Go to http://www.totalregistration.net/AP/181425 to select and pay for your AP exams. 

If you have registered for an AP exam in the past, please use the same email address.  If you forgot the password, use the “Forgot Password” function to reset the password.  If you no longer use that email address, see Ms. Harris or Ms. Stephens to reset it.

Complete all sections/questions on the registration form. Please make sure that you do not use nicknames, do not reverse first and last names, do not enter parent names for student names, etc. 

Carefully check exams, teachers, and periods for which you have registered. 

Make payment online ($27 per exam which includes a 4% processing fee) with Total Registration.  Print payment confirmation page for your records.  

STEP 2: Indicate Exam Status in MyAP Classroom

If you have not already joined your AP Classroom, use the join code(s) provided at the end of registration to go to myap.collegeboard.org to join the appropriate AP Classroom for each exam you are taking. Once joined, change your exam status to Yes if you paid for that exam. 

If you are already enrolled in AP Classroom for each of your AP Classes, login at myap.collegeboard.org and change your exam status indicator to Yes for every exam for which you paid. If you decided not to take an AP exam for a specific course, please change the indicator to No.

Students MUST join the AP Classroom for their exam in order for us to order the exam. Failure to complete this step means an AP exam may not be ordered for you.

Cost & Rebates

AP Exams are $27 each, thanks to the Kentucky Department of Education covering the majority of the cost. The $27 covers the cost of the exam and a 4% processing fee. Payments are made through Total Registration. Late registrations have additional fees. Please see the Late Registration Info section for more details. 

Due to a state grant, students who take Computer Science A or Computer Science Principles will receive a rebate of $27 in late May for these specific AP exams. Students who cancel after the Nov 14th deadline or do not take their computer science exams are ineligible to receive a rebate. 

Educational Benefits

Students eligible for educational benefits at school qualify for funding to cover some or all of the cost of AP exams. On the Total Registration web site, students will indicate if they qualify for educational benefits. Students do not automatically qualify for attending a CEP school. To qualify, students must have formally applied for educational benefits and been approved. Families can still apply for educational benefits here: https://www.myschoolapps.com/Application 

The school must verify the student's status, and once approved, students can complete the registration process.

If you do not qualify for educational benefits, financial assistance may still be available. If you need assistance covering part or all of the cost of the exams, please indicate this in Total Registration and an AP Coordinator will reach out to you for additional information. 

Late Registration Info

November 1 - November 9: During the late registration period, registrants will be charged a late fine of $10 per exam, making the total cost of the exam $37.

November 10 - March 8: You may request to be added to the waitlist for an exam on the Total Registration web site. Late registrations will pay a late fine of $50 per exam making the total cost of the exam $77. Please note these higher fines are due to the late registration charges from the College Board.

Registration will completely end on March 8 at 11:59pm. Registration is not possible after this date due to the College Board deadlines.


A full refund will be given for any exam cancelled by 11:59pm on November 14. No refunds will be given for cancelled exams after November 14th due to the cancellation fees imposed by the College Board.

Test Day

The Henry Clay AP Exam schedule is available here. Students MUST take exams on the days scheduled. Make-up exams will only be allowed under circumstances approved by the College Board. Students who have a testing conflict (two exams on the same day at the same time) will have an alternate test date scheduled. Students with two exams on the same day, but NOT at the same time will take exams as scheduled.

Most exams are administered off campus. Transportation to and from the exams administered off campus are the student's responsibility. 

More information on exam locations and exact reporting times will be available in the spring.


If you have questions or need assistance with registration, please email an AP Coordinator.

Catherine Stephens catherine.stephens@fayette.kyschools.us

Ashley Harris   ashley.harris2@fayette.kyschools.us