Dixie Magnet Elementary School


We created this website as a "one stop shop" for all your virtual learning needs! This school year will present unique challenges for our staff, students, and families. We will share updated information and new resources as they become available. We encourage you to stay up-to-date and informed so your family can turn those challenges into opportunities for your child to be a successful learner!

Communication from Mrs. Steiner

Communication from FCPS

Reenvisioning, Reimagining, and Renewing (3R) Booklet

"The goal of this document is to share our best thinking at this point in time, including an overview of the safety protocols that will be implemented when staff and students return to campus, and the various instructional options that will be available for our students. These scenarios are based on the information currently available. We will continue to amend, adjust and improve our plan not only before the school year starts, but also after classes have begun. As the pandemic changes, so will our district." -Manny Caulk, FCPS Superintendent

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