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Welcome to our class website! Please use the menu on the top corner to go to your correct course page (Algebra 2 or Adv PreCal). The PARENT INFORMATION form, STUDENT INFORMATION form, and Syllabus Signature Form all need to be completed and are located on your specific course pages. This will give you a quick preview of what you will see daily on the website. Email me if you have any problems accessing something. Thanks for visiting!

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If you start having trouble, please find a time and a way to communicate with me about getting help. I LOVE when students ask me questions about where they are getting stuck and I want you to feel confident about learning new material. Learning starts with you and I having a real conversation on how to expand from your prior knowledge to a new concept. Knowing what pieces you do understand helps me customize the instruction to fit your individual needs. Communicating your need for help also a) lets me know you care about understanding the material b) shows me your willingness to improve c) is a good practice for students to openly discuss misunderstandings d) helps me understand you as a learner so that I can customize future conversations based on your needs as well as other classmates. Here are some options to start the conversation:

  • Come by in the morning and ask me a question
  • Stay after school to get help from me
  • Send a message to me via Remind
  • Email me a question
  • Re-watch all the instructional videos recorded from class. These will be avaiable via google classroom
  • Get help from a friend
  • Use this website to review notes
  • Use the Algebra 2 Digital Textbook built in student support on all homework problems
  • FREE TUTORING HELP is available via the Public Library: via LexPubLib instructions
  • Watch Khan Academy Videos


We use PBIS at our school to support ALL students!

Mindfulness Calendar

Here is a list of my favorite things if you're interesting in getting to know me a little bit.

Bored and Brilliant is a great book that discusses our addiction to technology. We will attempt to complete these challenges during the school year and hopefully it will improve our lives, including time with family and friends! If you have not read/listened to the book--I highly suggest it!

Bored and Brilliant Challenges! (Challenges)


We are Determined.

We are Engaged.

We are Valued.

We are Inspired. (video 2)

We are Leaders. (video 2) (video 3)

We are Successful. (Video 2) (Video 3)


ACT prep tools

Career Planning for your Future: 19 Low-Stress Jobs That Make A Lot Of Money

Watch this Homework Video from NCTM!

Here are the latest scholarship opportunities

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