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7th Grade

NEW MESSAGE---- April 1, 2020

Happy Spring Break! We hope you and your family are doing well.

The Champion teachers just wanted to make a quick clarification about NTI work since many of us have been seeing similar questions being answered. All of the core Champion teachers' NTI materials are posted in their Google classroom. All of their work can be submitted digitally through their classroom or through email. If you have computer access and Internet, your student only needs to be able to log into our Google classrooms, go to the Classwork tab, and complete/submit work there.

Many people have had questions about the NTI tab and the work posted on the main Beaumont website. Rest assured, that work is the same work that is in our Google classrooms. It is there for families that DO NOT have reliable internet access and need to print it or to have it printed at school. Again, if you have computer access and Internet, EVERYTHING that your student needs is in their Google Classrooms.

Parents, please know that your student does know how to access their Google classrooms through using their school email address and password. They know how to access their HRW language arts online textbook, Pearson, and Amplify. They also know how to email us. These are things that we have been doing on and off all year for various reasons.

If your student is having problems with something, they are more than welcome to email us. We are here to answer their questions, and we will be beginning our office hours officially next week, every weekday from 8:30-11:30 and 12:30-3:30. However, many of us are still checking in on our emails every now and then during spring break, just like we have been doing since school let out, and if we see an email or a question, we will still address it.


Mrs. Laytham, Mrs. Ellingsworth, Mrs. Ward, Ms. Workman, Mr. Warthman, and Mr. Sullinger