7th Grade Team

Welcome to the Bryan Station Middle School seventh grade traditional team. Our team consists of:

Eulaun Beasley, Language Arts / Email: eulaun.beasley@fayette.kyschools.us

Monique Beckham, Math / Email: monique.beckham@fayette.kyschools.us

David Dicks, Social Studies, 7th grade team leader / Email: david.dicks@fayette.kyschools.us

Michelle Goode, Language Arts / Email: michelle.goode@fayette.kyschools.us

Judy Kingsland, Instructional Strategist / Email: judy.kingsland@fayette.kyschools.us

Amy Nichols, Instructional Strategist / Email: amy.nichols@fayette.kyschools.us

Adam Weger, Science / Email: adam.weger@fayette.kyschools.us

Announcements / Homework

Please check the calendar below to find announcements and homework for each class. This is updated daily.