The SAT® —the globally recognized college admission test—will be offered FREE to all Juniors at FHS on April 5, 2017!

The SAT® makes it easier for you to show colleges your best work, and now you have a chance to take it in a familiar setting.

Fayetteville Public Schools is the first district in Arkansas to offer the ACT and SAT® to all students at no cost.

  • Fayetteville Public Schools will provide SAT® testing, at no cost for all 11th grade students on April 5, 2017. Administering the SAT® during the school day creates a unique opportunity to better support students. SAT® School Day administration offers students the benefit of already being familiar with the school staff and location as well as the elimination of weekend transportation.
  • By taking the exam during the school day, the test does not interfere with work or family obligations during the weekend. All FHS students will be connected to free online SAT® prep tools in an effort to prepare them for success in April 2017!

Participation in SAT® School Day provides students with more access to programs that support college access, including college application fee waivers and the College Board’s Student Search Service®.