Non-NSP Member Class Enrollment

Enrollment Procedure

For Non-Members who wish to enroll in NSP courses the following procedure is followed:

  1. The IOR registers the course using the usual procedure.

  2. The IOR then sends an email with the course number(s) to asking for the course(s) to be added to the Non-Member Course Schedule.

  3. The Member Records Specialist adds the course to the Non-Member Schedule in the back-end of the database.

  4. When the Non-Member Course appears on the Non-Member Course Schedule, the IOR sends the course number to potential students.

  5. The Non-Member Course Schedule is found under the Get Involved tab on the main nsp webpage, and is searchable using course title, course number or patrol name. A person can also just select the Find button and all non-member courses will appear.

  6. Before enrolling in a course, Non-Members interested in taking one of these courses need to Create an Account using the Create Account button at the top right of the home page. This requires an email address which becomes the user name and the individual determines his or her own password.

  7. After Creating an Account, the Non-Member selects the course in which he or she wants to enroll from the Non-Member Course Schedule. The next screen shows course information and asks the person to sign in. After signing in, the person can complete the order for the course and will receive a confirmation via email. At the time, only two courses have a fee associated with them: OEC is $300 for non-members and OFC is $25 for non-members.

  8. After the course is completed, the IOR closes the course and the IT is notified per the usual process. After the IT approves the course, it is closed in the system by the Member Records Specialist which triggers population of the course to the participants' records.

  9. The non-member will be able to login and see the course completion on his or her profile.

Please contact Nancy Stromswold for questions about the above process.

FWD Assistant Director & Records Advisor

Nancy Stromswold - (775) 232-4465