Teacher Leadership Cadre

Teachers Empowering Teachers

Farrington High School

Honolulu, Hawaii

Empowering Teachers @ FHS (1).mp4

The Teacher Leadership Cadre is a small group of teachers that lead weekly professional development, created by teachers for teachers.

We Believe

"I believe that every teacher has something valuable to share with other teachers; we are an untapped resource for our peers."

- Theresa Schubert, Student Activities Coordinator

“I believe our students, school, and nation will benefit from teachers being at the forefront of their own education.”

- Erin Kamikawa, Social Studies Teacher

"I believe that teacher collaboration promotes student success and professional development."

-Norman Sales, ELA/ELL Teacher

"I believe teacher communication and collaboration is essential for rigor and student success."

- Kristin Mullin, Business Teacher

Learn more about the team, the workshops, the feedback & evidence, and more resources. Feel free to contact us for more information.