Connect to the farmers you work with in a whole new way.

About us

We bring organisations closer to the farmers they work with through a customisable smartphone app.

By using our app to disseminate your agricultural knowledge farmer outreach becomes more efficient and less costly.

A customisable ready-made solution

  • Our app is adaptable to the needs of your organisation

  • Any type of agricultural knowledge is compatible - crop farming, forestry, urban gardens, apiculture and more

  • Add your expert content to our platform as it is or work with us to craft your ideal tech outreach solution

  • We welcome customisation to create the experience you need for your farmers to thrive. Examples include:

  • Collecting data and analysis

    • Adding images, videos and infographics to your agricultural content

    • Integrating your other platforms with the app

    • Targeting specific geographical locations

Connect better

  • Technology is the most efficient way to connect with farmers at scale

  • Share agricultural techniques, training and more sustainable growing practices through the app

  • Provide your farmers with the tools they need to establish their own self-sufficient agri-business

  • Connect directly with farmers and enable them to connect with each other

  • Allow farmers to benefit from access to vital knowledge both online and offline

  • Digitise your farmer outreach to overcome the limitations of in-person extension work

A focus on interactive app features

Crop recommendations tailored to the farmer

Tools for farmer to manage their sales and grow their business

Location specific info, i.e. disease and pest alerts

Integrated WhatsApp groups managed in App

Secure data and smart analytics using the latest in cloud tech

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Case study

Growing fresh produce on remote islands in the South Pacific

The team worked with the Island Initiative over a 3-month period to produce a locally customised version of the app. First we mapped requirements and then did the development work behind the scenes to adapt the tool to fit target users in the new region.

We provide end to end project management, content curation, reports on usage and delivery of tech adaptations to the platform. The Island Initiative are now able to reach islanders and schoolchildren across the region with vital information on sustainable farming methods in 4 different languages. Users receive tailored content specific to the island they reside on and their elevation above sea level.

The Island Initiative can continue to add to content as they develop it and receive tailored data reporting on usage.