Parent Resources

Reading over the summer results in benefits that go far beyond mere enjoyment. Summer reading nurtures social and emotional skills while reinforcing and strengthening cognitive processes. Parents can help their children reap the many benefits of summer reading by utilizing the public library, creating an ideal environment, providing resources, and applying strategies.

What is "Summer Slide"?

Think of the brain as a muscle that exists elsewhere in the body. Regular exercise makes body muscles grow stronger while extended periods of rest cause muscles to atrophy and grow weaker. Summer slide is the phenomenon of cognitive decline that occurs when students do not engage in mentally challenging activities for a period of time, like during summer vacation. A fun way to keep the mind engaged? Summer reading!

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Creating an Enviroment for Reading

The school setting is conducive to student learning in that there are fixed periods of time, as well as physical spaces, designed specifically to foster undistracted, comfortable reading and learning. In order for students to engage in summer reading, such conditions must exist at home. Reading can actually become a part of the family culture.

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Supporting English Language Learners Over the Summer

The summer provides English Language Learners with an ideal time to engage in enrichment activities that will help to raise English language skills for the following school year. Many excellent resources and programs exist both online and through the public library to ensure engaging learning experiences to help students bridge the language gap.

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