Distance Learning School Counseling Program

FUSD School Counseling Staff will be available to students and parents throughout this distance learning journey to answer any questions or help in any way we are able Monday through Friday from 7:45 am – 3:30 pm. Students and parents may request a video conference call by reaching their counselor as outlined below:

Grades K-1 Mrs. Laura Ochoa School Counselor

JE Hester Elementary Phone: 1-559-249-5005 Email: laochoa@farmersville.k12.ca.us

Grades 2-3 Mrs. Tamara Lamb School Counselor

Snowden Elementary Phone: 1-628-227-0987 Email: tlamb@farmersville.k12.ca.us

Grades 4-6 Ms. Cristal Villalobos School Counselor

Freedom Elementary Phone: 1-559-512-0240 Email: cvillalobos@farmersville.k12.ca.us

Grades 7-8 Mr. Emiliano Moran School Counselor

Farmersville Junior High Phone: 1281-939-5143 Email: emoran@farmersville.k12.ca.us

Grades 9-12 Mr. Greg Doss School Counselor - Last Names A-F

Farmersville High School Phone: 1-920-322-5801 Email: gdoss@farmersville.k12.ca.us

Google Classroom Codes: 9th Grade: 5cxvhal
10th Grade: jvtde5h
11th Grade: fzt7gi4
12th Grade: helkfla

Remind App: Text 81010 Message: @33be72

Mrs. Vianna Gomes-Maciel School Counselor - Last Names G-O

Phone: 1-920-234-8536 Email: vgomes@farmersville.k12.ca.us

Google Classroom Codes: 9th Grade: yts4f3d
10th Grade: b4wwikc
11th Grade: 6xzffk7
12th Grade: 7fdkchg

Remind App: Text 81010 Message: @fhsgomes

Mrs. Selene Medina School Counselor - Last Names P-Z

Phone: 1-920-322-5970 Email: smedina@farmersville.k12.ca.us

Google Classroom Codes: 9th Grade: rbws5yi
10th Grade: njpzh6q
11th Grade: x5zb35t
12th Grade: njpzh6q

Remind App: Text 81010 Message: @h78ka8

Mrs. Veronica Gonzalez UC Merced Talent Search Counselor

Phone: 1-559-313-7467 Email: vgonzalez@farmersville.net

Ms. Sophia Aguilar Outreach Consultant

Phone: 1-920-238-3694 Email: saguilar@farmersville.k12.ca.us

Grades 10-12/18+ Mrs. Erika DeLaCruz Principal of Alt Ed/Pupil Support Services

Deep Creek Academy/Adult School Phone: 1-559-578-3778 Email: edelacru@farmersville.k12.ca.us

Distance Learning Student Support Services

School Counseling Staff will continue to provide K-12 students with academic, career and personal school counseling and works to support student’s social and emotional development. Students and Parents will have access to:

School Counseling Core Curriculum

Individual Student Planning

Responsive Services

Consultation and Collaboration

School Counseling Core Curriculum:

The FUSD School Counseling Core Curriculum will continue to be delivered through the following platforms:

  • Instruction: School Counseling Staff will continue to provide instruction and resources to all grade levels utilizing written and video instruction.

    • The following are examples of technological platforms that will be used:

      1. Class Dojo, Google Classroom, Google Voice, Google Hangouts, Remind 101, Email, school managed Instagram accounts or other social communication and networking applications and educational websites which can be found by clicking the appropriate Elementary or Secondary Chalkboard Buttons below.

Individual Student Planning:

School counselors will help students plan, monitor and manage their own learning to achieve academic, career and personal/social development. Individual Student Planning will continue to be delivered through the following means:

  • Assessment: Counseling Staff will work with students via email or other networking and communication applications and scheduled phone conference calls to analyze and evaluate student’s engagement in distance learning and will continue to work with students to develop their social/emotional support plan if needed.

  • Advisement: Counseling Staff will help students make decisions and advise students via email or scheduled phone conference based on academic, career and personal/social needs.

Responsive Services:

Responsive services consist of activities designed to meet students’ immediate needs and concerns. Responsive services will be designed to help students resolve academic, career, and personal/social issues and will be delivered through the following means:

  • Counseling: Counseling will be provided through email and scheduled phone conference calls per request of students and/or parents and/or staff. Counseling will be goal-focused and short-term in nature. A referral will be made to the appropriate community agency for long-term counseling if needed.

  • Crisis Response: Counseling staff will provide support and assistance to students as they navigate critical and emergency situations via email and phone conference. Since we are unable to meet with students in person, if the safety of a student is at risk, immediate contact with parent(s)/guardian(s) will be made, unless abuse or neglect is suspected; in which case staff will follow mandating reporting laws, district and school policy. If we can’t reach the student or parent by phone or email, staff will contact local law enforcement to request a wellness check. If a student is in need of immediate assistance and their immediate safety is in question, please contact the following agencies as appropriate:

SYS Brochure 8x10 English.pdf
SYS Brochure 8x10 Spanish.pdf

Consultation and Collaboration:

School Counselors will work together with administration, teachers, parents, local service providers and community members via email, phone calls, and video phone conferences to best meet each student’s needs.