Welcome to Band!

Find out all about our wonderful band program and the different instruments that make up the band!

The NPS Band program is run by the Musical Director, Mr David Sismey, and a voluntary parent committee (a sub-committee of the P&C) who meet 6–7 times each year. We welcome and encourage input and participation from all band parents, whether you have music knowledge or not.

Our band portal (https://portal.msmusic.com.au/npsband) serves as a central location for registration, rosters, communications, invoicing etc.

Additional information can be found on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/npsbands and www.npspandc.com/band/

What are the benefits for participating in the Band Program?

  • Music skills – learn skills for life; small group tutorials and whole group rehearsals compliment experience of individual private lessons; opportunities for intensive time & effort to perfect challenging parts of pieces

  • Social skills – encouraging each other, listening to other instruments, discipline in rehearsals, pride in performances, responsibility for their instrument, and the opportunity to attend Band Camp (for some students, the first time away from home)

  • Teamwork & leadership – learning to work together as a band in music and set-up/pack- up; experiencing leadership role models from a variety of conductors and tutors, and senior students

  • Performance experience in a variety of settings – school assemblies, school concerts (Presentation Day, Christmas Concert), Kindergarten Open Days, external Band Festivals, and annual end-of-year Showcase; can become a family interest and activity. You won’t believe the difference you will see and hear from the first concert at Band Camp to the Band Showcase at the end of the year!

What now?

Parents - check out the 'For Parents' page for more details

And kids...

  1. Look through all of the instrument families (linked at the top of the page) and learn about the different sounds of the band

  2. Take the two 'tests' below and write down your scores/answers.

  3. Then parents and students please fill out the Instrument Taste Test form

  4. Parents, to confirm your child's interest & commitment, please register on the band portal

This test asks you to listen to a beat and tap along with it on your keyboard. The computer sound will slowly get quieter, but you'll keep tapping the beat in a steady way.

This link will test your pitch sensitivity - the Distorted Tunes Test!