Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing, or poster printing, is open to all F&M students, faculty and staff.


Poster Printing Requests are made through this form →

(You must be signed into your F&M Google account to submit)

Design Tips

  • The large format printers can print up to 42" wide in one direction. Print dimensions will be adjusted to preserve the aspect ratio.

  • Posters can be created many different ways, including: PowerPoint, Adobe Suite, Google Slides and Canva

  • It is important to design your poster for the size you wish it to be printed. Creating a small design that you would like to be printed much larger does not make for a good poster.

  • If you are printing for the research fair, the recommended size is 42" x 48" - a good source for PowerPoint templates can be found here or if you are using Google Drive to design your poster here is more helpful information.

  • A great resource for research poster basics, design, and images can be found on this guide from NYU Libraries.

  • Give yourself enough time to get your poster printed - it may take up to 24 hours!

Resizing a PowerPoint for Poster Printing

Resizing a PowerPoint for Poster Printing

Resizing a Google Slide for Poster Printing

Resizing a Google Slide for Poster Printing

Before You Submit Your Print

  • Proofread everything carefully

  • Format your file: To preserve formatting, it might be helpful to save your poster as a .pdf but other common file image types will also work (.jpeg, .png).

Pricing and Payment

  • Poster cost is based off of the printed poster size and amount of ink used

  • It can vary between $.75 - $14.00

  • Posters with darker backgrounds tend to cost more to print

Printing FAQ

1. Can I charge the poster to my department or program?

Yes - when you fill out the poster printing request form you will be asked if you would like to charge the print to a department or program. You will need to know that departments account number when submitting. If you are not charging the print to another department or program, the print will be charged to your account.

2. What kind of printer/paper do you have?

      • We have two HP large format printers - HP Designjet Z5400 and HP Designjet Z5600

      • Our printers use HP Universal Instant-Dry Satin Photo Paper

3. Can I trim my poster to a smaller size if the printed area is less than 42 inches?

Yes - The tech tutors will trim the poster for you. The paper cutter is in the Spark Lab if you'd like to adjust further.

4. When will I be charged?

Poster charges will be processed once a month

5. When can I pick up my poster?

Prints will be available for pick up from the Spark Lab in the Shadek-Fackenthal library 24 hours after submission. You may be notified by email once your print is ready.

6. Can I come to the library to submit my poster and wait for my print?

No, print requests must be made in advance and can be picked up 24 hours later.