College Internships at Fancy Film Post/Silverlake

Fancy Film ( is a boutique post production facility located in in the heart of Silverlake. We work in post production, production, and short term office space rental to projects of all sizes and budgets. We work with clients from all over the production world: features, commercials, documentaries, and virtual reality projects. We love working with interns to augment your school curriculum with real world experience.

Fancy Film is located in Los Angeles, on the edge of Hollywood, steps away from Sunset Junction. We have a unique, professional vibe with a Silverlake flair.

As an intern, you’ll be exposed to all phases of post-production, including editing, color correction, audio work, screening setups, and more. You’ll work firsthand with producers, clients, and the facility manager on many different tasks and projects. You will absorb knowledge and experience, and you’ll gain best work practices from industry professionals from the Fancy Film team.

Here are some examples of tasks you’ll participate in:

  • Running Quality Control checks on video files, tape and DVD layoffs
  • Maintaining tape stock and order replacements
  • Shipping and receiving drives from FedEx and couriers
  • Assisting with reception desk and client services
  • Assisting with project scheduling
  • Cataloging & labelling equipment, drives, and media
  • Observing and assisting post-production sessions
  • Assisting with facility tasks such as wire management, network maintenance, key control, and craft service.

You’ll may have an opportunity to work on Avid, Premiere and DaVinci Resolve. You’ll work hands-on with project managers on the entire spectrum of the post production finishing process.

We look forward to receiving applications from those ready to work hard and learn. Your schedule will be flexible recognizing your school demands, but we ask for a 25 hour per week commitment.

A strong interest in Post Production is a must for this position!

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

To apply, click here:

We look forward to meeting you!

Download a PDF version of this flyer here.

4212 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029 ✦ ✦

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