Reset Room

Hello from our Reset Room Staff!

Hello Mountaineers! This site is a "virtual Reset Room" for students and families to find resources, activities and ways to connect! We hope this site can act as a way for you to connect or reconnect.

On this site you will see tabs at the top of the page, these tabs are an easy way to navigate the resources that we have to offer at this time. Just click on the tab for information and resources regarding the topics you are searching for.

We want this website to act as a resource for you, but we know that nothing replaces communicating directly with others. Therefore, we have included a page with ways to get a hold of us (the contact us tab above). We are more than happy to talk, text, email or have a virtual meeting with you to talk through struggles, provide resource help or just be a listening ear. Oh yeah, we also love to hear new jokes!

It is our sincere hope that we can help serve and support you in your educational journey.