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Nurture Your Faith this Lenten Season

Lenten 2020 Text Study - with Revs. Cheryl Fear and Scott Opsahl

The Bible says there is a time to speak and a time to remain silent. Too often, though we speak when we should remain silent and we remain silent when we should speak

Our Lenten Study, Interrupting Silence - God's Command to Speak Out, written by well-known and roundly respected Biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann, leads us through a series of stories from the Bible where God called people to speak up, especially in situations where there was pressure not to.

Classes will be offered Wednesday, March 4th through April 8th at two times: 10 am and 6 pm. This small paperback study is only $10. Please sign up on the office window or contact the office is you are interested in attending.

*Lenten Text Study has been postponed for the immediate future*