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Register for the Hearts Connected Retreat at Mt. Makiling Re-Creation Center, March 2-4!

We are looking forward to resting and renewing together as we seek to live well - mind, body, and soul - in Christ.

Register by Wednesday, February 21st

Pay at the Faith Academy Business Office

In the business office, please tell the cashier that your payment is for the Hearts Connected retreat - and give your name.

Pay Online

If paying online, write your name in the "Family Name" box and put "N/A" in the "student name" box. Then for account number, input "Hearts Connected".

Retreat FAQ

Cost for the two night retreat?

    • Room of four P3200 (One night P1600)
    • Room of three P3500 (One night P1750)
    • Room for two P4300 (One night P2150)

This includes 6 meals - fantastic value! The food is delicious and it's buffet!

When should I arrive?

You may arrive any time after 2pm at Mt. Makiling. Dinner is at 6pm and our first session at 7pm. Feel free to come and relax by the pool or have some "aroma" therapy at the coffee shop with friends! No matter what time you arrive, we will be happy to see you!

When does the retreat end?

The retreat will officially finish after lunch on Sunday. Our last session is Sunday morning, so if you need to start the journey home, you may leave before lunch.

I can't be at the retreat for the entire time, what should I do?

Please know we will try to work around your needs for this weekend. If you can come for the day... great! If you can come for one night... great! We believe God wants to speak into your life and refresh you... mind, body, soul. We want to bless and encourage you so please do ask about anything!

Can I invite a friend?

The goal of Hearts Connected is... connecting! Everyone is welcome.

How do I pay?

Payment information is listed above! You may pay online or at the Faith Academy business office.

I have questions about the retreat, who do I contact?

Erika Kaopuiki -

Please share this webpage with your friends as well as our FACEBOOK GROUP! To protect the privacy of our community, it is set up as a closed group. You may request to be added by CLICKING HERE.

Hearts Connected Saturday Events FAQ

Q: What are some example ideas for savory? I don't have a clue.

A: Basically, anything that isn't sweet. Appetizers, Hors d'Ouvres, salads, veggies . . . even chips and pretzels are considered savory. Egg dishes would be good, as well as tiny sausages, or meat balls, egg rolls, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, whatever comes to mind. But in the end, bring whatever you would really like to bring . . . or feel free to bring nothing at all. WE JUST WANT YOU TO COME!

Q: Can we just show up (without having to RSVP?)

A: Yes! (Although, since you are already here . . . why not take a moment to click "Yes" in the RSVP and help us get an idea of how many tables to set up? Pretty please? Ultimately, the answer is simply , "Come!" with or without an RSVP.

Please also be sure to TAKE OUR SURVEY so we can help you get connected with other women. We will help you find a Bible study to plug into . . . or help you connect with women who share similar interests.