About Me

Topics I want to research in the future include:

  • The regulation of black box AI technologies under the scope of competitive decision making and assigning precaution to deter faults and encourage robustness
  • Data ownership as a barrier to market entry and tipping
  • Private donor funding of judicial campaigns
  • Bargaining power in healthcare between rural hospitals and insurers
  • How a change in the corporate tax rate affects the risk profile of private sector holdings
  • Licensing, rent, and occupational barriers to entry

Learning has been a lifelong passion of mine, however I am not without my outlets. Writing and photography (#teampixel) are the ways in which I express myself. My genre is creative non-fiction and I continue to write about my experiences. I also adore classical music.

Growing up in the Middle East (ages 10-18) and living in Europe has provided me with a significant understanding of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). I hope to one day leverage that knowledge for the greater good. I moved back to the US in 2012 to do my undergraduate degree at UC Santa Barbara. Ole!

Places I Have Lived

Favorite Recordings