First Grade


First Grade teachers use Seesaw to communicate regularly with families. Please ask your child's teacher for more information.

Download Seesaw App or Use Seesaw on the Web

Seesaw works great on any computer or device. Bookmark on your computer and download the Seesaw app for your device and your students' devices.

Look for Seesaw: The Learning Journal in the app stores.

iOS Devices



Android Devices


Kindle Fire

See step-by-step instructions for downloading the apps.

-School Motto-

At Cornelsen Elementary, we are echoing tradition, achieving excellence, and shaping tomorrows. My purpose is to work hard, act right, and get along. I plan to be respectful and courteous to all classmates and teachers. I understand my education is important and I will represent myself and my school in a positive way. My goal is to gain knowledge beyond high school and make each day a great day to be a Yellowjacket!