Learn piano from YouTube

Mr. Proctor's piano channel on YouTube


  • You can use one of the songs from my playlist (on the left and linked above) or choose your own song. Do not choose a song with explicit content inappropriate for school.
  • If choosing your own song, type the name of the artist and song into search field of YouTube, followed by "easy piano" or "right hand piano." Your search should look like:
      • "Ed Sheeran Perfect piano right hand"
      • "Imagine Dragons Thunder piano easy"
  • When looking at the different versions, find one that is easy enough for you to follow along with at least one hand. Videos will have different sizes of pianos on the screen. Find the size that fits you best.
      • Try learning one hand at a time
      • You can slow down the playback speed by clicking the gear icon in the low right on YouTube.
  • Try to play along with the video, matching the piano on the screen. Repeat any sections that are difficult.
  • If you don't find the song you're looking for, or the song you want does not have an easy enough version, try a different song or use one of the songs from my playlist.
  • When you find the video you want, hit Ctrl-D to add it to you bookmarks and you can find it again easily tomorrow.